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Producer, songwriter, and recording artist who is fascinated with electronics, software, and acoustics. 


After working with everyone from “The Spicegirls” to “Pet Shop Boys” to "Heaven 17" to “Jocelyn Brown”, writer/producer 5aint separated from his partnership with Motiv8 and pursued a new direction.


After a break he has started writing, producing and re-mixing under the new 5aint brand and his alias Mr. 8londe alongside works with his nail hard band TorqueTwins. He recently signed to Tiesto’s Black Hole Recordings and had the huge dance anthem he produced and co-wrote with singer song-writer Marcia Juell  called “Calling”. Some of the 5aint and Mr. 8londe videos can be seen on Black Hole’s channel here :


5aint has many writing collaborations with Lange, Matt Darey, Steve Dodds, Mary Kiani, Marcia Juell, Lyn Goddard, Digital Dog and Andy Galea (a.k.a. Soul Seekerz, DJ Bomba, Solasso, Freestylers, Nightstylers ) to name just a few.


His passion has always been music; he started down the classical route at school but receiving his first electric guitar and drum kit at eleven allowed things to really take shape. Throughout high school he was performing in bands, DJing and messing with audio and electronics. The music spirit he has deep in his DNA is matched only for his love of electronics, software and acoustics, he was for example tinkering with audio circuits, making amplifiers and winning design awards in his teens! The natural progression took him to working in studios first off as a “Tape OP” and wiring designer before moving onto the more glamorous tracking and mixing. He became an accomplished SSL mix engineer with a healthy obsession for early MIDI and the new wave of emerging tech. It was inevitable however that over the years of working with great producers, writers and programmers some skills would rub off and he would soon be expanding into these areas too!




Alongside the studio 5aint became interested and heavily involved in live sound. He went from engineering and system design to taking it to the degree of co owning one of the UK touring companies; working to bring great sound to tens of thousands of people with a client list that reads like a who’s who of the rock /pop and superstar DJ world. This allowed recording clients to become live projects and vice versa. 


After years in England and North America 5aint has just relocated to Switzerland where he has built yet another facility in order to progress writing and production projects. The styles and projects he gets involved with can range in many different musical genres due to the diversity of the music he understands. It has allowed him to easily fit in to many categories and performances. 


All the time embracing the changing scene and new technology, he is still a member of the DJ Tech Tools camp in California, Beta tests hardware & software and a lesser know fact; he is a fully accredited international journalist and writes for several publications about the music and music technology scene.

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